About Urban Tango

We want you to become as passionate about tango as we are... and in the process, help you become the best dancer you can be! In a relaxed learning environment we turn complex technical concepts into simple ideas making the impossible, possible. Dancing is meant to be fun and we want you to share our joy!


Marc Hussner

Marc was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. Restlessness and a great desire to travel brought him to quit his job in Sweden, sell his belongings and embark on a world tour. He found tango in Buenos Aires three months later... The tour had ended.

Over the years spent in Argentina, Marc studied intensively and extensively with some of the great contemporary tango masters. Apart from tango, he studied Alexander technique, Pilates and Body Awareness Method to help support his development and understanding of movement and body mechanics.

Marc's main teaching focus is quality of movement through effortlessness. His exceptional technical knowledge combined with great communication skills makes learning easy and straightforward. Moving relaxed, efficiently and well connected is the goal for the social floor. Musicality comes next...

Today he studies Traditional Wing Chun Kung-Fu and practices Vipassana meditation. Marc is also a talented and well-respected DJ.

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